Automatic Skill Checking

iclue automates the skill checking process via an easy to use, mobile-first, fully reportable, cloud-based platform. iclue addresses one of the biggest pain points in the technical recruitment industry - the way skills are checked. Traditionally this has been a very manual, gut-based process, driven by the recruiter.

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Increase Placements

iclue is proven to find more placements. Not only will it find the skills that would have been missed due to factors such as poor CV writing/interview skills and unconscious biased, but also increases the quality of your matches leading to higher conversion rates for technical interviews and tests.


Simplify Technical Recruitment

Eliminate the need for your team to understand the technology when speaking with applicants and remove any human error that can come from making decisions based on gut instinct. Focus on what your team does best by letting iclue handle the technical side while you and your team focus on getting the right culture match for your clients company.


Applicants Love It

We collected feedback from techies of all levels and found that many have had a negative experience when it comes to the job hiring process. iclue benefits applicants by using machine learning algorithms to keep skill qualification short and casual (2 minutes per skill) while allowing applicants to keep a copy of their results as well as the ability to share results with recruiters.

The iclue process


Inbound CV's are automatically read by robots
Automatically and intelligently learns about each applicants skills
Creates a 10 minute quiz to find the applicants strengths
Doesn't interfere with your existing recruitment process



2-minute Questioning On Each Skill
Machine learning algorithms drastically improve the accuracy by asking the right question at the right time
Designed to be a Positive experience that replaces bad early interviews
Casual mobile app based process
How could you store extra data in an element?


A skill profile is built and updated
Uses the leading edge Glicko Scoring system
Applicants can use their results to get better job opportunites
Applicants can update their profile as they progress throughout their career

Skills Checked

React JS

Potentia (Auckland, NZ)

In mid-2014 Potentia a leading NZ IT recruitment consultancy participated in an early beta programme that involved the automatic technical screening of job applicants. Potentia found that iclue allowed them to identify people and introduce them to clients who may not have originally been ready to meet clients. Iclue allowed Potentia to find the diamonds in the rough and had success in the following areas:

  • Four additional placements made.
  • One rockstar identified who was placed instantly.
  • Automated/hands off approach.
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Recruit IT (Auckland, NZ)

In response to the IT skill shortage, in 2015 Recruit IT - a leading New Zealand based IT recruitment consultancy had a requirement from a major client to build a rock solid team of Filipino software testers that would eventually be offered immigration visas to live and work in New Zealand. Recruit IT found the process simple and technically screened hundreds of potential testers who were up for the challenge. The process was so successful that Recruit IT has repeated this process in 2016. Highlights were as follows:

  • Built a team of highly competent off shore testers.
  • Saved time by only interviewing the best.
  • Discovered people with strong technical ability that wouldn't have been uncovered from their CV alone.
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Citi Recruitment (Sydney, AU)

In 2016 Sydney based Citi recruitment assessed iclue to find out what it could do for their placement rates before signing up. Highlights are as follows:

  • "Brilliant, iclue flips recruitment on its head" - MD.
  • Additional PHP Developer placed.
  • When trying to fill roles, consultants now check iclue first.
  • Improved the way that the team shares skilled candidates internally.
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Sirius (Sydney, AU)

In 2016 Sirius performed a 1-month trial of the iclue testing system, some of the highlights were as follows:

  • Very strong senior Java developer with no local experience placed, initially missed due to a weak CV as well as a lack of local experience.
  • Graduate angular developer placed - interviewed weakly however after performing an iclue test it was identified that his angular skills were at a senior level and immediately placed into a role.
  • Large time savings all around.
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